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1. Participation in Treaties - World Heritage Convention [geodata_1576]
According to the World Heritage Convention, "cultural heritage" is a monument, group of buildings or site of historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value. ...

2. Archaeological excavation at Punta Negra, Livingston Island [157-93_04]
Three rock shelters corresponding to the period of 1820-1830 were excavated during this study. One shelter was shown to be a fire place, one shown to be shoe storage, and the last shown to be a ...

3. Archaeological excavation in Cora beach, Desolation Island [157-93_06]
A survey of Cora beach was conducted and resulted in the finding 3 sealer settlements and one from the beginning of this century. A recollection of superficial cultural material together with the ...

4. Authentication of aboriginal remains in the South Shetland Islands [026-82_01]
In 1972 the biologist, Dr.Victor Ariel Gallardo, recovered benthonic samples from the bottom of Admiralty and Chile Bay, in the South part of King George Island, for biological purposes. During ...

5. Historical Archaeology in the "Cuatro Pircas" Site on the Northern Coast of King George Island [026-82_02]
A superficial collection of materials, archaeological excavation and a map of the stone structure of the historic camp named "Cuatro Pircas" ("Four Structures") was performed. The glass, metallic, ...

6. Historical archaeology of Madera Beach, Cape Shirreff [157-93_03]
Half of a rectangular structure and 3 small deposits used for multiple purposes (grain storage, fire place) corresponding to the period 1820-30 were excavated during this study.

7. Historical archaeology of Yamana Beach, Cape Shirreff [157-93_01]
Archaeological excavation of three rock-shelters in Yamana beach, Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, corresponding to the period 1820-1823.

8. Survey of the San Telmo vessel remains [157-93_05]
Under a joint project between Chile and Spain, submarine and surface surveys were conducted, in the Cape Shirreff area, to search for the Spanish vessel San Telmo. The San Telmo was lost in September ...

9. Climate and the Classic Maya Civilization Slide Set [G02096]
For over a decade, archaeologists have been trying to unlock the mystery surrounding one ancient society's collapse of the Classic Maya. Did human-induced sociopolitical or ecological change cause ...

10. Heard Island Archaeological Survey 1986-1987 [Heard_Archaeology_1986_1987]
See the downloadable report for more details. Historical context of Heard Island (taken from the report) There is some controversy as to when Heard Island was first sighted and when the first landing ...

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