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1. Fluctuations of Glaciers (FoG) [FoG]
Since the beginning of internationally coordinated systematic observations on glacier variations in 1894, a valuable and increasingly important data basis on glacier changes has been built ...

2. Surface and Upper-Air Weather Data and Forecasts, Satellite Imagery, and Model Output from Lyndon State College via WWW [LSC_LYNDONSTATECOLLEGE]
The Lyndon State College (LSC) Department of Meteorology server address on the WWW is 'http://apollo.lsc.vsc.edu/'. The LSC server features Weather Maps and Information ...

3. USGS Bathymetry Data from the Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology Program [EARTH_LAND_USGS_WALRUS_MAP1]
The USGS Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology division contains extensive bathymetry data through InfoBank ("http://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/infobank/gazette/html/bathymetry/gl.html") ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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