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1. Runoff Analysis Using Multiple Isotope Tracers in the Iwami River Drainage, Akita, Japan [IWAMIRO]
The rate of direct runoff was determined after a heavy rain fall in the Iwami River drainage (ca. 100km2), based on changes in hydrogen and oxygen isotopic ratios and tritium content of river water. ...

2. Uranium Series Isotopes TDV [U_Ser_0087994]
During 2002-2003, water samples were collected from 22 streams, the hyporeic zone was sampled in 3 streams and water column profiles were collected for 4 dry valley lakes (12 profiles). ...

3. Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Ratios of River Water in the Drainage System of the Omono River [OMONOR]
Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic ratios of river water were measured at 29 points in the drainage of the Omono River and also at 19 points in a small drainage located north of the Omono drainage. The ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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