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7. ERS-2_LEVEL1 [ERS-2_L1_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 1

8. JERS-1_LEVEL0 [JERS-1_L1_1]
JERS-1 Level 0 Data

RADARSAT-1 Level 0

10. Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) Collection of Treaty Texts [CIESIN_SEDAC_ENTRI_TEXTS_COL_1.0]
The Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) Collection of Treaty Texts consists of environmental treaty texts compiled in collaboration with the Columbia University Center for International ...

11. JERS-1_LEVEL1 [JERS-1_L0_1]
JERS-1 Level 1 Data

12. ERS-2_LEVEL0 [ERS-2_L0_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 0

13. ERS-1_LEVEL0 [ERS-1_L0_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Level 0 Frame

RADARSAT-1 Level 1 Amplitude Images

15. ERS-1_LEVEL1 [ERS-1_L1_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Data Level 1

16. Global 1-degree Maps of Forest Area, Carbon Stocks, and Biomass, 1950-2010 [Global_Biomass_1950-2010_1296_1]
This data set provides global forest area, forest growing stock, and forest biomass data at 1-degree resolution for the period 1950-2010. The data set is based on a compilation of forest area and ...

17. Global Forest Ecosystem Structure and Function Data For Carbon Balance Research [LUYSSAERT_CARBON_FLUX_949_1]
A comprehensive global database has been assembled to quantify CO2 fluxes and pathways across different levels of integration (from photosynthesis up to net ecosystem production) in forest ecosystems. ...

18. Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500 -2100, V1 [LAND_USE_HARMONIZATION_V1_1248_1]
These data represent fractional land use and land cover patterns annually for the years 1500 - 2100 for the globe at 0.5-degree (~50-km) spatial resolution. Land use categories of cropland, pasture, ...

19. 1999 Megram Wildfire Study [CSU_fueltreatments_megramwildfire]
The data are from the 1999 Megram wildfire that burned into an area of the Six Rivers National Forest that had been affected by a blowdown event in the winter of 1995-96. Surface fuels reduction in ...

20. Forest Floor Fuel Estimates for the Eastern United States [USDA_forestfloorfuelestimates]
Foresters commonly separate forest floor or down woody materials (DWM) into three successive layers: (1) branches and logs (fine and coarse woody material), (2) litter, and (3) duff. Additionally, ...

21. Long Term Site Responses to Various Winter Prescribed Burning Schedules in Southern Pine Flatwoods [SFP_longtermsiteresponses]
The study was established in 1958 on the Osceola National Forest in north Florida by the Macon Fire Lab to determine the optimum prescribed burning rotation in the palmetto/gallberry fuel complex ...

Metadata for Sentinel-1A slant-range product

Sentinel-1A slant-range product

Metadata for Sentinel-1B slant-range product

Sentinel-1B slant-range product

26. Flammability of Native Understory Species in Pine Flatwood and Hardwood Hammock Ecosystems and Implications for the Wildland-Urban Interface. [USDA_FS_flammabilitynativeunderstoryspecies]
The data set contains morphological and flammability data on 10 shrub species commonly growing in pine flatwoods and hardwood hammocks. Morphological data include height, width, leaf area, dried-weight ...

27. Provincial Forest Inventory, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada [Canada_NfldLab_ForestInventory]
This database contains vegetation information for both forested and non-forested areas. For forested areas this includes tree species, height, age, crown density, and site. For non-forested areas ...

28. AVHRR Forest Fire Hotspots in Canada for 1994 to 2001 [Canada_CCRS_ForFireHotspot94-99]
A fire detection (hotspot) algorithm was developed that exploits the infrared channels (2-5) from AVHRR. The algorithm is based on the framework of Kaufman et al. with modifications ...

29. AWFI - Wide Field Imaging Camera (CBERS 4) Imagery [INPE_CBERS4_AWFI_1]
The WFI - Wide Field Camera camera can make quick revisits to a certain area - usually in less than five days, aiming at support monitoring and surveillance activities. It complements other sensors ...

30. AWiFS Data Products [IRS-P6.AWiFS]
The Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) camera is an improved version compared to the WiFS camera flown in IRS-1C/1D. AWiFS operates in four spectral bands identical to LISS-III, providing ...

31. Applying Group Selection in Central Appalachian Hardwoods, USDA/FS [USDA_FS16]
The purpose of these data is to develop practical guidelines for using the group selection practice on a sustained yield basis. "Applying Group Selection in Central Appalachian Hardwoods" is a long-term ...

32. Aquatic Diversity of California [uc_davis_aquadiv]
Fish range maps were created by the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the University of California at Davis as part of a contract with the Nature Conservancy. For more ...

33. Architectural and Physiological Limit on Carbon Balance in Plants [USDA0576]
The objective of "Architectural and Physiological Limit on Carbon Balance in Plants" is to investigate genetic differences in the architectural and physiological characteristics known to influence ...

34. Arctic areas under Environmental protection [ARNd0016_103]
Arctic areas under Environmental protection Protected areas in the Arctic region. Members informations: Attached Vector(s): MemberID: ...

35. Argonne Cutting Methods NH-25 Data Base [USDA0134]
To determine silviculture response to various even- and uneven-aged cutting treatments in northern hardwood forests. Also, to measure economic consequences of these treatments. Data include individual ...

36. Assessment and Management of Dead-Wood Habitat [USGS_OFR_2007_1054]
Dead wood has become an increasingly important conservation issue in managed forests, as awareness of its function in providing wildlife habitat and in basic ecological processes has dramatically ...

37. BLM/ORWA Tree Improvement Co-op Units [BLM_ORWA_TREE_IMPRV]   PARENT DIF
Resource Management Planning, Long-range Planning of genetically improved seed needs.

38. Beijing-1 Multispectral Product [Beijing-1_Multispectral]
Beijing-1 Multispectral Imager is a high-resolution earth observation remote sensors, orbit altitude of 686 km, the resolution of the sensors is 32 meters with a 600 km swath. The data can be used ...

39. Beijing-1 Panchromatic Product [Beijing-1_Panchromatic]
Beijing-1 Panchromatic Imager is a high-resolution remote sensing device with a 4-meter panchromatic resolution and a width 24 km. The data can be used for land use, geological survey, survey of ...

40. Belize Biodiversity Information System (BBIS) [BBIS_Belize]
These species accounts for Belize are abbreviated versions of distribution information compiled on each species in the Belize Biodiversity Information System (BBIS). The BBIS was developed ...

41. Biodiversity Data Sourcebook from the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) [WCMC_149]
This sourcebook of biodiversity data was released in part as a contribution to the First Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Bahamas, ...

42. Black Sturgeon Boreal Mixedwood Research Site, Ontario, Canada [Canada_CFS_BlSturgBorealResearc]
The Black Sturgeon Boreal Mixedwood Research Project (BSBMRP) was established in response to the need to build a strong ecological foundation for integrated resource management in boreal mixedwoods. ...

43. Black Walnut Growth Database for Eastern United States, USDA [USDA0598]
The purpose of the "Black Walnut Growth" dataset is to evaluate growth and yield of plantation-grown walnut on a range of sites throughout the eastern U.S. Data are used by NC scientists, and university ...

44. Black Walnut Seed Orchard/Progeny Test for National Forests in the Eastern Region, USDA/FS [USDA_FS6]
"Black Walnut Seed Orchard/Progeny Test for National Forests in the Eastern Region" is a 20 year dataset evaluating growth and survival of black walnut collection from 34 families. The purpose of ...

45. Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest (BNZ) USDA Data [USDA0138]
The purpose of this effort is to conduct a long term study of ecosystem structure and function by examining controls over successional processes in Taiga forests of interior Alaska. Collection Organization: ...

46. Monitoring Sudden Oak Death in California [CAMFER_SOD]
The objective of the Monitoring Sudden Oak Death Program is to determine the distribution, incidence, and impact of Sudden Oak Death and Phytophthora ramorum in the state of California. We are interested ...

47. Montane Alternative Silvicultural Systems, British Columbia, Canada [Canada_CFS_MontanAlterSilvicult]
Montane forests have a winter snowpack and are found between 700 and 1100 metres in elevation on central Vancouver Island. They contain a large part of the coastal timber harvest ...

48. Monthly U.S. Agricultural Trade Data [USDA0326]
The "Monthly U.S. Agricultural Trade Data" database contains monthly data on U.S. agricultural exports and imports. The database includes about 175 commodities or commodity categories for exports, ...

49. Moquah, Dukes, McCormick Research Natural Area Permanent Plots [USDA0163]
The purpose of "Moquah, Dukes, McCormick Research Natural Area Permanent Plots" is to document long-term changes in the composition and structure of undisturbed forest ecosystems common to the Great ...

50. Mount Elgon National Park Base Data [UWAd0007_209]
This dataset contains shapefiles with topographical data for Mount Elgon National Park, in Eastern Uganda. The dataset comprises : Vegetation_1994, Towns, Su-counties, Slope, Sites, Roads, Rivers(small, ...

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