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1. Radiocarbon in Ecosystem Respiration, Soil Pore-space CO2, CO2 and Soil Organic Matter from Incubations; Surface Gas Fluxes, Air Temp, and Soil C, N, Temp and Moisture, Barrow, Alaska, 2012-2014 [NGEE_Radiocarbon_Ecosystem_Respiration_1]
Dataset includes Delta14C measurements made from CO2 that was collected and purified in 2012-2014 from surface soil chambers, soil pore space, and laboratory soil incubations. In addition to Delta14CO2 ...

2. NGEE Arctic Plant Traits: Soil Cores, Kougarok Road Mile Marker 64, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 2016 [NGEE Arctic Plant_Traits_Soil_Cores_Kougarok_Road_Mile_Marker_64_Seward_Peninsu]
Data describes soil cores collected at vegetation plots at the Kougarok hill slope located at Kougarok Road, Mile Marker 64 in July 2016. Data upload will be completed January 2017.

The GPM Ground Validation Environment Canada (EC) Passive Microwave Radiometer and Soil Moisture-Temperature Data GCPEx dataset is consisted of data during the GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment ...

The GPM Ground Validation Oklahoma Climatological Survey Mesonet MC3E data were collected during the Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) in central Oklahoma during the April-June ...

5. GPM Ground Validation USDA ARS Soil Moisture IFloodS V1 [gpmarsifld_1]
The GPM Ground Validation United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Soil Moisture IFloodS dataset was collected during the Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) ground ...

6. LANDMET Ancillary Soil Moisture data L3 V1 (LANDMET_ANC_SM) at GES DISC [LANDMET_ANC_SM_1]
This ancillary climatology soil porosity and wetlands coverage information were derived from the daily GEWEX fusion of satellite active and passive microwave measurements. These quantities are re-mapped ...

7. A Global Database of Gas Fluxes from Soils after Rewetting or Thawing, Version 1.0 [GLOBAL_RTSG_FLUX_V1_1078_1]
This database contains information compiled from published studies on gas flux from soil following rewetting or thawing. The resulting database includes 222 field and laboratory observations focused ...

8. A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 3.0 [GLOBAL_SRDB_V3_1235_3]
This data set provides an update of the soil respiration database (SRDB), a near-universal compendium of published soil respiration (RS) data. Soil respiration, the flux of autotrophically- and heterotrophically-generated ...

9. AMS (Automated Met Station) Data (FIFE) [FIFE_AMS_DATA_12_1]
30 minute average meteorological data from NCARs Portable Automated Mesonet Station

10. AirMOSS: L4 Modeled Volumetric Root Zone Soil Moisture, 2012-2015 [AirMOSS_L4_RZ_Soil_Moisture_1421_1]
This data set provides hourly gridded soil moisture estimates derived from hydrologic modeling at nine AirMOSS sites across North America. The AirMOSS L4 RZSM product represents a temporal interpolation ...

11. BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Understory Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data [BOREAS_TF01UFLX_513_1]
Energy, carbon dioxide, and momentum flux data collected under the canopy along with meteorological and soils data at the BOREAS SSA-OA site from mid-October to mid-November of 1993 and throughout ...

12. BOREAS TGB-12 Soil Carbon and Flux Data of NSA-MSA in Raster Format [BOREAS_TGB12CFD_517_1]
This data set contains (1) estimates of soil carbon stocks by horizon based on soil survey data and analyses of data from individual soil profiles; (2) estimates of soil carbon fluxes based on stocks, ...

13. Bowen Ratio Surf. Flux: Fritschen (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_BRL_19_1]
Evaluation of surface radiation and energy budget stations for FIFE

14. Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_BRG_20_1]
Surface flux measurements by Bowen Ratio technique during FIFE

15. Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: KSU (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_BRK_21_1]
Assessing the effects of annual burning & topography on surface energy exchanges

16. Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: Smith (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_BRS_22_1]
Retrieval of surface fluxes from a combination of satellite & surface platforms

17. Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: UNL (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_BRV_23_1]
Latent & sensible heat flux by Bowen Ratio & aerodynamic characterization of vegetation

18. Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: USGS (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_BRW_24_1]
Surface flux measurements by Bowen Ratio technique during FIFE

19. CENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995) [century_vemap_820_1]
The CENTURY model, Version 4, is a general model of plant-soil nutrient cycling that is being used to simulate carbon and nutrient dynamics for different types of ecosystems including grasslands, ...

20. CMS: Carbon Fluxes from Global Agricultural Production and Consumption, 2005-2011 [CMS_GLOBAL_CROPLAND_CARBON_1279_1]
This data set provides global estimates of carbon fluxes associate with annual crop net primary production (NPP) and harvested biomass, annual uptake and release by humans and livestock, and the total ...

21. Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: ANL (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_ECA_30_1]
Eddy flux & surface exchange processes in non-uniform areas

22. Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_ECG_31_1]
Surface flux measurements by eddy correlation technique during FIFE

23. Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: UK (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_ECB_32_1]
Areal average evapotranspiration by measuring & modeling surface controls

24. Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: UNL (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_ECV_33_1]
Latent & sensible heat flux by eddy correlation & aerodynamic characterization of vegetation

25. Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: USGS (FIFE) [FIFE_SF30_ECW_34_1]
FIFE observations of surface fluxes

26. Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE) [ISRIC_547_1]
The ISRIC-WISE International soil profile data set consists of a homogenized, global set of 1,125 soil profiles for use by global modelers. These profiles provided the basis for the Global Pedon Database ...

27. LBA-ECO CD-06 Soil Classification Map, Ji-Parana River Basin, Rondonia, Brazil [CD06_SOILS_JIPARANA_1088_1]
This data set provides a digital map of soil orders for the Ji-Parana River Basin, in the state of Rondonia, Brazil (Western Amazonia). Soil orders were manually digitized from a 1:500,000 map from ...

28. LBA-ECO ND-02 CO2 Flux from Soils in Forests and Pastures, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2001 [ND02_SOIL_CO2_FLUX_1066_1]
This data set reports soil CO2 flux and results of physical and chemical characterization of soils from pastures, secondary forests, and mature forests near Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil. CO2 flux measurements ...

29. LBA-ECO ND-11 Soil Water Pressure and Flow Measurements under Tree Crops [lba_nd11_swp_851_1]
This data set contains information that can be used to examine water fluxes in soils beneath tree crops in an Amazonian agroforest. The data consists of repeated measurements of soil matrix pressure ...

30. LBA-ECO TG-05 NPP, Carbon Pool, Soil Characteristics, Soil Gas Flux Maps of Brazil [TG05_CASA_1199_1]
This data set provides maps produced from model output data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Carnegie Ames Stanford Approach (NASA-CASA) model and other modeling approaches. ...

31. Meteorology (OTTER) [OTTER_MET_50_1]
Meteorology data collected on an hourly basis from stations located near the OTTER sites in 1990 and summarized to monthly data--see also: Canopy Chemistry (OTTER)

32. Mowing Experiment Biophys. Data (FIFE) [FIFE_MOW_BIOP_55_1]
Plant biomass data where grazing height or frequency were simulated by mowing

33. NACP MCI: CO2 Emissions Inventory, Upper Midwest Region, USA., 2007 [NACP_MCI_CO2_INVENTORY_1205_1]
This data set provides a bottom-up CO2 emissions inventory for the mid-continent region of the United States for the year 2007. The study was undertaken as part of the North American Carbon Program ...

34. NACP Regional: Gridded 1-deg Observation Data and Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs [NACP_REGIONAL_OBS_MODEL_GRID_1157_1]
This data set contains standardized gridded observation data, terrestrial biosphere model output data, and inverse model simulations of carbon flux parameters that were used in the North American ...

35. NACP Regional: Supplemental Gridded Observations, Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs [NACP_REGIONAL_OBS_MODEL_SUPPL_1158_1]
This data set contains standardized gridded observation data, terrestrial biospheric model output, and inverse model simulations that were compiled but not used in the North American Carbon Program ...

36. Site Averaged Flux Data: 1987-1989 (Betts) [FIFE_FFO_FLX_93_1]
Site averaged product of the flux data collected by many PIs during the 1987-1989 FIFE experiment. Data are in 30-minute intervals and include the entire period 1987-1989.

37. Site Averaged Gravimetric Soil Moisture: 1989 (Betts) [FIFE_FFOGRV89_99_1]
Site averaged product of the gravimetric soil moisture collected during the 1987-1989 FIFE experiment. Samples were averaged for each site, then averaged for each day. Includes only 1989 data.

38. Soil Carbon Estimates in 20-cm Layers to 1-meter Depth, Conterminous US, 1970-1993 [WEST_SOIL_CARBON_1238_1]
This data set provides a soil map with estimates of soil carbon (C) in g C/m2 for 20-cm layers from the surface to one meter depth for the conterminous United States.STATSGO v.1 (State Soil Geographic ...

39. Soil Moisture Data: Peck (FIFE) [FIFE_PECK_SM_109_1]
Gravimetric soil moisture data collected in conjunction w/ gamma ray soil study

40. Active Layer Monitoring, Arctic and Subarctic Canada, Version 6 [GGD353_6]
This project involves measuring regional and site variability in maximum annual active layer development and vertical surface movement over permafrost, and monitoring sites over time in order to observe ...

41. Active layer and permafrost properties, including snow depth, soil temperature, and soil moisture, Barrow, Alaska, Version 1 [GGD222_1]
This data set contains soil temperature, soil moisture, thaw depth, and snow depth data collected at test sites near Barrow, Alaska, during the following years. Soil temperature data - 1963-1966, ...

42. Borehole permafrost data, Kumtor and Taragai Valleys, Tienshan, Kazakhstan, Version 1 [GGD499_1]
This dataset includes observations of the permafrost temperatures in the Inner Tien Shan were started in 1986 by Kazakhstan Alpine Permafrost Laboratory. Observations are carried out on more than ...

43. Borehole temperatures from mountain permafrost monitoring, Mongolia, Version 1 [GGD332_1]
Location and description of some geocryological boreholes in Mongolia. Data include latitude, longitude, location, depth of permafrost top and bottom, and mean annual soil temperature. These data ...

44. Cryosolic pedons from Northern Canada, Version 1 [GGD311_1]
Pedons included here represent Cryosolic (permafrost-affected) soils from across the Canadian North from Baffin Island in the east, to the lower Mackenzie Valley and northern Yukon in the west, and ...

45. Daily Soil Temperature and Meteorological Data for Sites at Toolik Lake Alaska, Version 1 [GGD906_1]
This data set consists of daily air, water, and soil temperature, wind speed, vapor pressure, and the sum of global radiation and unfrozen precipitation data from the Toolik Lake area of Alaska between ...

46. Ground temperatures, Liefdefjord, northwest Svalbard, Version 1 [GGD416_1]
This dataset includes ground temperature data from coarse morainal (till) soil in a tundra area, on a 2-degree slope with rapid drainage, 45 m asl, at an undisturbed site with about 10 percent vegetation ...

47. Laboratory Study of Stick-Slip Behavior and Deformation Mechanics of Subglacial Till, Version 1 [NSIDC-0460_1]
This data set includes the results of laboratory experiments examining the constitutive properties of subglacial till, under dynamic stressing. The data include the results of shear strain and stress ...

48. Maps of Geocryological Regions and Classifications in China, Version 1 [GGD603_1]
This data set includes digital versions of 'The Map of Geocryological Regionalization and Classification in China' from Geocryology in China by Y. Zhou, D. Guo, G. Qiu, G. Cheng, and S. Li. Included ...

49. Northern Circumpolar Soils Map, Version 1 [GGD602_1]
This data set consists of a circumpolar map of dominant soil characteristics, with a scale of 1:10,000,000, covering the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northern Europe, Russia, Mongolia, ...

50. Permafrost Map of Alaska, USA, Version 1 [GGD320_1]
This data set consists of a geo-referenced digital map and attribute data derived from the publication 'Permafrost map of Alaska'. The map is presented at a scale of 1 to 2,500,000 and shows the correlation ...

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