Suggested Keywords for Use in Distribution_Format in the Distribution Field

Electronic Media: Data stored on magnetic disk, magnetic tape or other digitally encoded media
Online Internet (HTTP)
Online FTP
Various Online Data Transfer method
3.5 in. Diskette Macintosh Format
3.5 in. Diskette IBM Format
5.25 in. Floppy Disk
8 in. Floppy Disk
8 mm DAT Tape
4 mm DAT Tape
IBM 3480 Tape
Cassette Tape
6-Track Tape
8-Track Tape
9-Track Tape
Various track Tape
Ditto Tape
QTR Tape
QIC Tape
Travan Tape
Jaz Disk
LS-120 Disk
Aquidneck Optical Disk
5 in. Magneto Optical Disk
Sony Formatted Optical Disk
Vax Formatted Optical Disk
Syquest Optical Disk
Bernoulli Optical Disk
Zip Disk
Verbatim TR Minicartridge
Fuji DLT Compactape Cartridge
Removable Hard Drive
External Hard Drive
ROM Chip
ROM Card
11x14 in. HCMM Encoded
Video Tape
Hard Copy Media: Printed books, journals, manuscripts, computer printouts and other printed material
Printed Book/Volume
Manuscript (handwritten) book/journal
Series/Collection of printed books or manuscripts
Printed looseleaf pages bound
Printed looseleaf pages unbound
Computer printer printout
Difax printout
Computer punchcards
Plotter printout
Photographic Media: Photographs, slides, negatives and other photographic formats
Black & White transparencies
Color transparencies
Black & White slides
Color slides
Black & White prints
Black & White positives
Black & White negatives
Color prints
Color positives
Color negatives
Black & White Microfiche Cards
Color Microfiche Cards
Black & White Microfilm
Color Microfilm
Black & White Motion Picture film
Color Motion Picture film


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