Entry Identifier

The <Entry_ID> is the unique document identifier of the metadata record. The <Entry_ID> field consists of two sub fields.
  • <Short_Name> is the short name associated with the data set.
  • <Version> is the version identifier of the data set.
The <Entry_ID> will be automatically generaged by the CMR based on the <Short_Name> and <Version>. The short name and version id combination must be unique across the CMR.
  • Entry ID Creation: EntryID = ‘ShortName’ + ‘Version’
    • Example:
    • ShortName = CIESIN_SEDAC_ESI_2002
    • Version = 1
    • EntryID = CIESIN_SEDAC_ESI_2002_1
<Short_Name> text short name </Short_Name>
<Version> version number </Version>
  • The <Entry_ID> is auto generated by the CMR.
  • The <Short_Name> consists of 1 to 80 alphanumeric characters of the UTF-8 set, including underbar (_), hyphen (-), period (.), and colon (:).
  • Spaces ( ) and Backward Slash ( \ ) characters are not recommended in the <Short_Name>.
  • The <Version> consists of 1 to 10 numeric characters.
  • The <Entry_ID> is required and auto generated.
  • The <Short_Name> is required and is not repeatable.
  • The <Version> field is required and not repeatabale.



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