ISO Topic Category


The <ISO_Topic_Category> field is used to identify the keywords in the ISO 19115 - Geographic Information Metadata ( Topic Category Code List. It is a high-level geographic data thematic classification to assist in the grouping and search of available geographic data sets.  The <ISO_Topic_Category> keywords are as follows:

  • Farming
  • Biota
  • Boundaries
  • Climatology/Meteorology/Atmosphere
  • Economy
  • Elevation
  • Environment
  • Geoscientific Information
  • Health
  • Imagery/Base Maps/Earth Cover
  • Intelligence/Military
  • Inland Waters
  • Location
  • Oceans
  • Planning Cadastre
  • Society
  • Structure
  • Transportation
  • Utilities/Communications

For definitions of these keywords, see:


<ISO_Topic_Category>ISO Topic Category keywords</ISO_Topic_Category>

  • The <ISO_Topic_Category> field is required and may be repeated.
  • The <ISO_Topic_Category > must be selected from the ISO Topic Category list of keywords (see above) from the ISO 19115 metadata standard (MD_TopicCategory Code).



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