The <Location> field specifies the name of a place on Earth, a location within the Earth, a vertical location, or a location outside of Earth. The <Location> keywords are a 5-level hierarchy of controlled keywords under the following Categories:

    • Continent: specifies continents:
      • Africa
      • Antarctica
      • Asia
      • Australia/New Zealand
      • Europe
      • North America
      • South America
    • Ocean: specifies an ocean body:
      • Arctic Ocean
      • Atlantic Ocean
      • Indian Ocean   
      • Pacific Ocean
      • Southern Ocean
    • Geographic Region: specifies a region on Earth (e.g., Polar)
      • Arctic
      • Eastern Hemisphere
      • Equatorial
      • Eurasia
      • Global
      • Global Land
      • Global Ocean
      • Mid-latitude
      • Northern Hemisphere
      • Oceania
      • Polar
      • Sahel
      • Southern Hemisphere
      • Tropics
      • Western Hemisphere
    • Solid Earth: specifies a region within the Earth:
      • Core
      • Crust
      • Mantle
    • Space: specifies a region outside of Earth, particularly regions of Earth-Sun interactions:
      • Earth Magnetic Field
      • Solar Region
    • Vertical Location: specifies a region in the vertical direction, either in the atmosphere or under the oceans:
      • Boundary Layer
      • Ionosphere
      • Land Surface
      • Mesosphere
      • Sea Floor
      • Sea Surface
      • Stratosphere
      • Thermosphere
      • Troposphere

   <Location_Category>Location Category keyword
   <Location_Type>Location type keyword</Location_Type>
   <Location_Subregion1>Location Subregion1 keyword</Location_Subregion1>
   <Location_Subregion2>Location Subregion2 keyword</Location_Subregion2>
   <Location_Subregion3>Location Subregion3 keyword</Location_Subregion3>

  • <Detailed_Location> can contain up to 80 characters.
  • Characters may be selected from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Location> field is highly recommended and repeatable.
  • The <Location> subfields are not repeatable within the <Location> field.
  • Location keywords must be selected from the set of controlled Location keywords.
  • <Detailed_Location> allows authors to include any location keywords that are not available in the controlled keyword list.

    <Location_Type>NORTH AMERICA</Location_Type>
    <Location_Subregion1>UNITED STATES OF AMERICA</Location_Subregion1>
    <Detailed_Location>Middle River</Detailed_Location>


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