Metadata Association


The <Metadata_Association> field describes metadata associated with the data set; i.e., the name and other details of input data, data sets associated (in science data terms) with the instance and/or data sets dependent on the collection. <Metadata_Association> can also be used to relate generalized aggregated metadata records (parents) to metadata records with highly specific infomation (children).

  • <Entry_Id>The unique document identifier of the associated metadata record.
  • <Type>The data type of the associated data set. Enumeration values: Dependent, Input, Science Associated, and Parent.
  • <Description>Provides information about the associated data set.
The <Metadata_Association>
  • The <Entry_Id> subfield is required and unrepeatable.
  • <Type> subfield is required and unrepeatable.
  • <Description> subfield is recommended and unrepeatable.



<Type>Science Associated</Type>

<Description>Near real-time (NRT) data are available from MODAPS for certain Aqua and Terra MODIS L0, L1, L2, L2G, and L3 products. Whereas the standard MODIS forward processing acquires 2-hour L0 files for Aqua and Terra from EDOS within 7-8 hours of real time, LANCE-MODIS acquires session-based L0 files from EDOS and the end of the session is available within 10-30 minutes after real time.</Description>





<Description>Parent metadata of collection.</Description>



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