Multimedia Sample

The <Multimedia_Sample> field allows the author to provide information that will enable the display of a sample image, movie or sound clip within the metadata record.
  • <File> describes the filename where the multimedia sample can be found.
  • <URL> is the URL to be accessed.
  • <Format> is the format of the multimedia sample file (which may differ from the format of the data files), i.e. GIF, TIFF, JPEG.
  • <Caption> is a one-line description of the multimedia sample used as a caption when the sample is displayed.
  • <Description> A more detailed description of the multimedia sample.
   <File>text up to 80 characters</File>
   <URL>URL up to 600 character </URL>
   <Format>text up to 80 characters</Format>
   <Caption>text up to 80 characters</Caption>
   <Description>multiple lines of text</Description>
  • Each field may contain one line of 1 to 80 characters, except <URL> fields, which may contain one line of 1 to 600 characters. The <Description> field may contain multiple lines of 1 to 80 characters per line. Characters may be selected from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Multimedia_Sample> field is recommended and can be repeated. Individual subfields may not be repeated.
  • If the <Multimedia_Sample> is populated, a URL is required.
  • Keywords for the Format subfield may be selected from the Suggested Multimedia Sample Format Keywords List.
    <Format>GIF Image</Format>
    <Description> Sample browse graphic of the data set. </Description>



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