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GCMD/IDN Version 10.0 (January 2016)

GCMD: https://gcmd.nasa.gov

The Global Change Master Directory/International Directory Network (GCMD/IDN) team is pleased to announce the release of GCMD/IDN System, Version 10.0. With this release the GCMD Search Interface is now powered by the NASA Common Metadata Repository (CMR). The CMR serves as the authoritative management system for all NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) and IDN data set metadata (See "Additional Information" to learn more). Data Services metadata will be transitioned to the CMR at a later date. This release features a new GCMD search interface, an updated web site, and an upgrade to the docBUILDER metadata authoring tool.

New Features:

Search Interface/Web Site

  • Data set search fully integrated with CMR.

  • Enter search terms directly into the search box embedded in the web site banner.  Available on all GCMD web pages.

  • Access search refinement directly without navigating keyword hierarchy.

  • Support for GCMD “drill-down” hierarchy search for users who prefer additional search guidance.

  • New standardized navigation icons on all web pages.

  • New “submit” and “reset query” icons supporting the search box.

  • Ancillary search deprecated from home page (users can still view ancillary descriptions by choosing the “i” and “d” icons in the “drill down” hierarchy search).



  • Supports the CMR Unified Metadata Model for Collections (UMM-C).

  • Author metadata in DIF-9 and DIF-10 format.

  • Import and export metadata to and from the CMR.

  • Supports eight new fields (Version, Version Description, Metadata Association, Metadata Dates, Additional Attributes, Product Level Id, Collection Data Type, Product Flag).

  • Download/Upload metadata records to/from desktop.

  • Implemented new user interface, file menu, field-to-field editing, collapsible fields, tool-tips, and documentation.

  • Improved inline QA validation of field content, syntax, verification of controlled keywords, and completeness using customized QA rules that comply with the UMM-C.

  • Supports markdown in large text fields (eg: Summary, Access Constraints, Quality, Use Constraints, etc.) for customized formatting.

  • Integrates known Earth observation Platform-Instrument relationships.


Additional Information:


Contact gsfc-gcmduso@mail.nasa.gov with questions or feedback.

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