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1. AirSAR Data and Images Database at NASA/JPL [AIRSAR_NASA_JPL]
AirSAR is an airborne Synthetic Aperature Radar imaging radar instrument. AirSAR has been flown on many flights and is involved in many experiments. The AirSAR data and image database ...

2. Shuttle Imaging Radar B (SIR-B) Earth Surface Imagery [84-108A-01A]
This data set contains earth images acquired by the imaging radar, SIR-B, on board the space shuttle Challenger in October 1985. This imagery includes several independent data takes which provide ...

3. Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C/X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SIR-C/X-SAR) Imagary from NASA/JPL [SIRC_XSAR]
The Space Radar Laboratory-1 (SRL-1) was a payload launched with the Space Shuttle &Endeavor& (STS-59) on April 9, 1994. The SRL-1 comprises two elements: a suite of radar instruments called the Spaceborne ...

4. Global Rain Forest Mapping (GRFM) CD-ROMs from JAXA and NASA [GRFM_NASDA_NASA]
The Global Rain Forest Mapping Project (GRFM) is an effort led by the Earth Observation Research Center (EORC) of the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) in ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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