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1. 101.1 m long horizontal blue ice core collected from Scharffenbergbotnen, DML, Antarctica, in 2003/2004 [blue_ice_core_DML2004_AS]
Horizontal blue ice core collected from the surface of a blue ice area in Scharffenbergbotnen, Heimefrontfjella, DML. Samples were collected in austral summer 2003/2004 and transported ...

2. 2km long Surface Conductivity Profile and video recording, Scharffenbergbotnen [grinstedSBB-ECM-VIDEO]
Location: Scharffenbergbotnen blue ice area, Heimefrontfjella Electrical Conductivity profile of the surface blue ice (stretching ~2.5km from near the ice fall). At the same time a video ...

3. Dielectric Properties, Density and Wetness of Surface Snow for SAR- Ground Truth [mattila_SAR_ground_truth_DML]
Ground truth data for SAR- images was collected in western Dronning Maud Land during austral summer 2003/2004. Data set includes measurements of dielectric properties, density and wetness ...

4. Dielectric profiling (DEP) data from Mount Moulton blue ice area [dep20032004mountmoulton]
Electronator data from Mount Moulton blue ice area along approximately 300 m long lone parallel to existing horizontal ice core.

5. Electronator (DEP) measurements on Allan Hills Main blue ice area [dep20032004allanhills]
New instrument designed to measure the surface conductance of ice with electrodes about 80 cm apart moving at 3 m/s across the ice with about 1kV p.d. About 5 km of data combined with ...

6. Ground penetrating radar measurements on blue ice fields in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, in 1999/2002 [gpr19992000DML]
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) data measured with 800, 200 and 50 MHz antennas on blue ice areas and their accumulation areas. Raw GPR data, positions measured with differential ...

7. Scharffenbergbotnen horizontal ice core 2006 (2.5km) [finnarp06-SBB-horizcore]
Horizontal ice core taken from the main Blue ice area in scharffenbergbotnen, Heimefrontfjella. ~2.5km long ice core. Planned analyses: ions & isotopes.

8. Scharffenbergbotnen surface conductivity [BIA_ELEC_DML2004_AG]
Surface conductivity (Electronator) measurements of the main blue ice area in Scharffenbergbotnen. Dataset contains latitude, longitude and a voltage (proportional to the ...

9. Scharffenbergbotnen, stake positions (2004 & 2007) [finnarp-SBB-stakes-2004-2007]
Precise GPS Positions of many stakes within the Scharffenbergbotnen (Heimefrontfjella) valley. From the finnarp 2003/2004 season and the 2006/2007 season. We also have stake ...

10. Snow and ice chemistry data from Vestfonna, Svalbard from April 2007 to May 2009 (Finland) [kinnvika-snow-ice]
Snow pits 2007: the data from 2 snow pits (main summits of Vestfonna ice cap) include a description of snow physical properties (stratigraphy, density) and major ions chemistry. Shallow ice cores ...

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