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1. Central Asia Temperature and Precipitation Data, 1879-2003, Version 1 [G02174_1]
This data set provides temperature and precipitation data from 298 meteorological stations in the Northern Tien Shan and Pamir Mountain Ranges of Central Asia, specifically from stations in Kazakhstan, ...

2. Coordinated Eastern Arctic Experiment (CEAREX) Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0020_1]
CEAREX was a multi-platform field program conducted in the Norwegian Seas and Greenland north to Svalbard from September 1988 through May 1989. Canada, Denmark, France, Norway and the United States ...

3. Daily Gridded North American Snow, Temperature, and Precipitation, 1959-2009, Version 1 [G10021_1]
These data provide daily snow, temperature, and precipitation data for North America from 1959 to 2009. They are gridded to a 1-degree latitude by 1-degree longitude resolution to create a 114 x 58 ...

4. Environmental Working Group Arctic Meteorology and Climate Atlas, Version 1 [G01938_1]
The Arctic Meteorology and Climate Atlas was developed by specialists from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), St. Petersburg, Russia, the University of Washington, Seattle, and the ...

5. GLERL Great Lakes Air Temperature/Degree Day Climatology, 1897-1983, Version 1 [G00801_1]
Daily maximum and minimum temperatures for 25 stations around the Great Lakes, 1897 to 1983, were given to NSIDC by the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL), Ann Arbor, MI. Daily ...

6. Greenland Snow Pit and Core Stratigraphy (Analog and Digital Formats), Version 1 [G10004_1]
This data set is comprised of scientific field study notebooks from geologist Carl S. Benson describing his traverses of Greenland from 1952 to 1955. The notebooks contain data on Greenland snow accumulation, ...

7. International Polar Year Historical Data and Literature, Version 1 [G02201_1]
The International Polar Year Historical Data and Literature collection (formerly known as the Discovery and Access of Historic Literature from the IPYs (DAHLI) project) is an online data collection ...

8. Lake Untersee, Antarctica Climate Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0665_1]
This data set is a five-year data record of meteorological conditions at Lake Untersee. The data covers five astral summer seasons comprised of December, January, and February.

9. Norwegian North Polar Expedition 1893-1896: Oceanographic Data, Version 1 [G02120_1]
This data set contains water depth, temperature, specific gravity, salinity, and density measurements from the North Polar Basin and the Barents Sea, gathered by Nansen and crew on the Norwegian North ...

10. SMEX02 Tower-Based Radiometric Surface Temperature, Walnut Creek, Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0186_1]
This data set includes air temperature, vapor pressure, wind speed, and brightness temperatures taken at 12 flux towers as part of the Soil Moisture Experiment 2002 (SMEX02).

11. SMEX03 Soil Moisture, Meteorological, and Vegetation Data: Brazil, Version 1 [NSIDC-0378_1]
Notice to Data Users: The documentation for this data set was provided solely by the Principal Investigator(s) and was not further developed, thoroughly reviewed, or edited by NSIDC. Thus, support ...

12. SMEX03 Surface and Soil Temperature Measurements: Alabama, Version 1 [NSIDC-0319_1]
This data set contains land surface temperature and soil temperature data collected during the Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 (SMEX03) in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee

13. SMEX03 Watershed Ground Soil Moisture Data: Oklahoma, Version 1 [NSIDC-0296_1]
This data set combines data for several parameters measured for the Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 (SMEX03). This study was conducted between 2 July 2003 and 17 July 2003 in the Little Washita watershed ...

14. SMEX04 San Miguel Watershed Soil Moisture Data: Sonora, Version 1 [NSIDC-0386_1]
Notice to Data Users: The documentation for this data set was provided solely by the Principal Investigator(s) and was not further developed, thoroughly reviewed, or edited by NSIDC. Thus, support ...

15. Silalirijiit Project: Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River), Nunavut, Canada, Weather Station Network, Version 1 [ELOKA019_1]
The Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River), Nunavut, Canada, Weather Station Network is a collection of weather station data from the locations of Akuliaqattak, Silasiutitalik, and Ailaktalik in the Clyde River ...

16. AMS (Automated Met Station) Data (FIFE) [FIFE_AMS_DATA_12_1]
30 minute average meteorological data from NCARs Portable Automated Mesonet Station

17. Arctic Vegetation Plots, Prudhoe Bay ArcSEES Road Study, Lake Colleen, Alaska, 2014 [Prudhoe_Bay_ArcSEES_Veg_Plots_1555_1]
This dataset provides environmental, soil, and vegetation data collected from study plots in the vicinity of Lake Colleen off the Spine Road at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, during August of 2014. Data include ...

18. BIGFOOT Meteorological Data for North and South American Sites, 1991-2004 [BIGFOOT_METEOROLOGICAL_1065_1]
The BigFoot Project has compiled daily meteorological measurements for nine EOS Land Validation Sites located from Alaska to Brazil from 1991 to 2004. Each site is representative of one or two distinct ...

19. BOREAS AFM-05 Level-1 Upper Air Network Data, R1 [BOREAS_AES_UPL1_238_1]
Contains basic upper-air parameters collected by the AFM-05 team from the network of upper-air stations during the 1993, 1994, and 1996 field campaigns over the entire study region.

20. BOREAS AFM-05 Level-2 Upper Air Network Standard Pressure Level Data [BOREAS_AES_UPL2_239_1]
Basic upper-air parameters interpolated at 0.5 kiloPascal increments of atmospheric pressure from the network of upper-air stations during the 1993, 1994, and 1996 field campaigns over the entire ...

21. BOREAS AFM-06 Surface Meteorological Data [BOREAS_AFM06SMD_243_1]
Contains the AFM-06 surface meteorological data near the Old Jack Pine site in the Southern Study Area.

22. BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Temperature Profiles [BOREAS_H03SNTMD_261_1]
This is a snow temperature table for HYD03. The snow temperature is given for various snow heights at various sites.

23. BOREAS Saskatchewan Forest Fire Control Centre Surface Meteorological Data [BOREAS_SASKFFCC_307_1]
Contains 1994 and 1995 hourly data from various forestry meteorology stations.

24. BOREAS TE-01 SSA-FEN Soil Profile Nutrient Data [BOREAS_TE1FENNT_313_1]
Contains TE-01 methane flux and inorganic concentrations at the southern study area fen site.

25. BOREAS TE-02 Root Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE2RTRSP_316_1]
Contains fine root respiration data collected by TE-02.

26. BOREAS TE-07 Sap Flow Data [BOREAS_TE07SAPF_334_1]
Contains sap flow data collected by TE-07.

27. BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Understory Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data [BOREAS_TF01UFLX_513_1]
Energy, carbon dioxide, and momentum flux data collected under the canopy along with meteorological and soils data at the BOREAS SSA-OA site from mid-October to mid-November of 1993 and throughout ...

28. BOREAS TF-04 CO2 and CH4 Soil Profile Data from the SSA [BOREAS_TF4SSASP_363_1]
The TF-04 Soil profile CH4 concentration data.

29. BOREAS TGB-01 CH4 Concentration and Flux Data from NSA Tower Sites [BOREAS_TGB1CFD_375_1]
Contains CH4 tower flux data collected by BOREAS science group TGB01 in the Northern Study Area.

30. BOREAS TGB-01/TGB-03 CH4 Chamber Flux Data: NSA Fen [BOREAS_TGBFENFX_378_1]
Contains TGB-03 methane flux data for fens in the Northern Study Area.

31. BOREAS TGB-03 CH4 and CO2 Chamber Flux Data over NSA Upland Sites [BOREAS_TGB3COFD_381_1]
Contains TGB-03 methane flux and CO2 flux data for uplands in the northern study area.

32. BOREAS TGB-12 Soil Carbon Data: NSA [BOREAS_TGB12SCD_402_1]
Contains the soil carbon data collected by TGB-12 in the northern study area.

33. CARVE: L1 In-situ Carbon and CH4 Flux and Meteorology at EC Towers, Alaska, 2011-2015 [CARVE_L1_Ground_Flux_1424_1]
This data set provides ground in situ flux and meteorological science data from fixed instruments at three eddy covariance tower sites located in the Alaskan Arctic tundra. Real and gap-filled observations ...

34. FLUXNET Canada Research Network - Canadian Carbon Program Data Collection, 1993-2014 [FLUXNET_Canada_1335_1]
FLUXNET Canada is a FLUXNET research network comprised of the Fluxnet-Canada Research Network (FCRN) and the Canadian Carbon Program (CCP) operating from 1993 through 2014. It was a national research ...

35. FLUXNET Marconi Conference Gap-Filled Flux and Meteorology Data, 1992-2000 [fluxnet_marconi_811_1]
This data set, FLUXNET Marconi Conference Gap-Filled Flux and Meteorology Data, 1992-2000, was conceptualized at the FLUXNET 2000 Synthesis Workshop held at the Marconi Conference Center, Marshall, ...

36. FLUXNET Research Network Site Characteristics, Investigators, and Bibliography, 2016 [Fluxnet_site_DB_1530_1]
FLUXNET is a global network of micrometeorological tower sites that use eddy covariance methods to measure the exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and energy between terrestrial ecosystems and ...

37. Global Annual Soil Respiration Data (Raich and Schlesinger 1992) [soil_respiration_622_1]
This data set is a compilation of soil respiration rates (g C m-2 yr-1) from terrestrial and wetland ecosystems reported in the literature prior to 1992. These rates were measured in a variety of ...

38. Global Historical Climatology Network, 1753-1990 [CDIAC_NDP41_220_2]
This data set contains monthly temperature, precipitation, sea-level pressure, and station-pressure data for thousands of meteorological stations worldwide. The database was compiled from pre-existing ...

39. Historic Daily Meteorology Data (FIFE) [FIFE_HDAY_MET_39_1]
Daily temperature & rainfall measured on the KSU campus

40. LBA Regional Climate Data, 0.5-Degree Grid, 1960-1990 (Willmott and Webber) [lba_regional_climate_673_1]
This data set is a subset of a 0.5-degree gridded temperature and precipitation data set for South America (Willmott and Webber 1998). This subset was created for the study area of the Large Scale ...

41. LBA Regional Global Historical Climatology Network, V. 1, 1832-1990 [lba_ghcn_v1_702_1]
This data set consists of a subset of the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) Version 1 database for the study area of the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA) in ...

42. LBA-ECO CD-03 Mesoscale Meteorological Data, Santarem Region, Para, Brazil: 1998-2006 [MD_CD03_MESOSCALE_944_1]
A mesoscale network has been set up in the Santarem region of Para, Brazil. This network consists of eight meteorological stations named Belterra, Km 117 (Fazenda Sr. Davi), Mojui, Jamaraqua, Guarana, ...

43. LBA-ECO LC-02 Daily Meteorological Data, Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil: 1970-2001 [LC02_METEOROLOGY_ACRE_1091_1]
This data set provides meteorological measurements collected from 3 different meteorological stations within a radius of 8 km in Rio Branco, Acre Brazil, for the periods of June of 1970 to 1974, ...

44. LBA-ECO LC-19 Soil and Vegetation Data for Cerrado and Forested Sites, Brazil: 2002 [LC19_FIELD_2002_1261_1]
This data set provides measurements for soil physical and chemical properties, rooting depth and weight, leaf area index (LAI), plant area index (PAI), biomass, fraction of photosynthetically active ...

45. LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil Trace Gas Flux and Root Mortality, Tapajos National Forest [LBA_TG07_STGFARM_924_1]
This data set reports the results of an experiment that tested the short-term effects of root mortality on the soil-atmosphere fluxes of nitrous oxide, nitric oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide in ...

46. LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil Trace Gas Fluxes km 67 Seca-Floresta Site, Tapajos National Forest [TG07_MANUAL_FLUX_1026_1]
Trace gas fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and nitric oxide (CO2, CH4, N2O, and NO) from surface soil were measured manually in an undisturbed forest at the Tapajos National Forest ...

47. LBA-ECO TG-07 Trace Gas Fluxes, Undisturbed and Logged Sites, Para, Brazil: 2000-2002 [LBA_TG07_TGF_926_1]
Trace gas fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and nitric oxide were measured manually at undisturbed and logged forest sites in the Tapajos National Forest, near Santarem, Para, Brazil. ...

48. LINKAGES: An Individual-based Forest Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Model [LINKAGES_1166_1]
This model product contains the source codes for version 1 of the individual-based forest ecosystem biogeochemistry model LINKAGES and two subsequent versions as well as example input and output data. ...

49. Meteorology (OTTER) [OTTER_MET_50_1]
Meteorology data collected on an hourly basis from stations located near the OTTER sites in 1990 and summarized to monthly data--see also: Canopy Chemistry (OTTER)

50. NACP Site: Tower Meteorology, Flux Observations with Uncertainty, and Ancillary Data [NACP_SITE_TOWER_MET_AND_FLUX_1178_1]
This data set contains meteorological, carbon cycle flux, phenology, and ancillary data measured at 47 eddy covariance flux tower sites across North America. The data were used by North American Carbon ...

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