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1. Spectral and Broadband Albedo of Antarctic Sea-ice Types [warren_ANT1141275]
The albedo, or reflection coefficient, is a measure of the diffuse reflectivity of an irradiated surface. With the sunlit atmosphere as a light source, and sea-ice as a diffuse reflecting surface, ...

2. Spectral albedo of individual Antarctic sea ice types [sea_ice_albedos]
This sea-ice albedo data set contains measured spectral albedos for snow-free and snow-covered Antarctic sea-ice types. Measurements were made during austral spring and summer ...

3. Weekly Polar Sea-Ice Grid from the ERS-1 Scatterometer, available on CD-ROM from IFREMER [IFREMER_CERSAT_ERS1_SEAICE_CD]
This CD-ROM contains weekly grids of sea ice backscatter data from the ERS-1 scatterometer for both polar regions. The data cover the time period 5 August 1991 through 26 May 1996. The grid used ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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