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1. Moulton Gas Data [Sowers_0230021]
Data on the elemental and isotopic composition of O2, N2, Ar and CH4 are reported for three firn cores and two blu-ice cores from the Summit of Mt. Moulton. For the firn cores, we measured ...

2. Firn permeability at sites in West Antarctica [WAIS_Permeability]
This data set lists the measured snow and firn density and permeability at sites in West Antarctica. The measurements were done on consecutive ten- centimeter sampling in snow pits and ...

3. Siple Dome and Byrd ice core gas isotopes (d15N, d18O, dO2/N2, and dAr/N2) [0440975_severinghaus]
Gas-isotopic data from the Siple Dome and Byrd ice cores covering roughly the last 100 ka, consisting of d15N (15N/14N) of N2, d18O (18O/16O) of O2, dO2/N2, and dAr/N2. Derived parameters including ...

4. Data Report on 1981 Traverses From Casey For IAGP [iagp_casey_traverse_results]
The Casey Traverse Program was Australia's major contribution to the International Antarctic Glaciological Project, aimed at determining the galciological regime and processes, and deducting some ...

5. A 30-Year Record of Surface Mass Balance (1966-95) and Motion and Surface Altitude (1975-95) at Wolverine Glacier, Alaska [USGS_OFR_2004_1069]
Scientific measurements at Wolverine Glacier, on the Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska, began in April 1966. At three long-term sites in the research basin, the measurements included snow depth, ...

6. Historic CH4 Records from Antarctic and Greenland Ice Cores, Antarctic Firn Data, and Archived Air Samples from Cape Grim, Tasmania in CDIAC/Trends Online [CDIAC_CH4_LAWDOME]
This data represents one thousand years of atmospheric methane concentrations. Methane concentrations was measured in air bubbles from 1008-1980 in Antarctic ice cores, and from 1075-1885 in Greenland ...

7. A Preliminary Study on Oxygen Isotopes of Ice Cores from Collins Ice Cap, King George Island, Antarctica [1994-1997_S_GW_GG04_AN_ISOTOPE]
Ice-cores of the Collins Ice Cap were all gained through the BZXJ-model ice-core drilling machine newly made by Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. ...

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