Carbon Monitoring System

Project Description
The NASA Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) is a forward-looking initiative designed to make significant contributions in characterizing, quantifying, understanding, and predicting the evolution of global carbon sources and sinks through improved monitoring of carbon stocks and fluxes.


- Use the full range of NASA satellite observations and modeling/analysis capabilities to establish the accuracy, quantitative uncertainties, and utility of products for supporting national and international policy, regulatory, and management activities.

- Maintain global emphasis while providing finer scale regional information, utilizing space-based and surface-based/in situ data.

- Develop an evolutionary approach which accommodates planned increasing capabilities in space-based measurements, modeling, and data assimilation.

- Harness unique capabilities of NASA centers and the NASA-funded investigator community, making use of competitive peer review wherever possible.

- Continue to engage with, and contribute to, related U.S. and international systems.

- Rapidly initiate generation and distribution of products, both for evaluation and to inform near-term policy development and planning.