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Global Resource Information Database - Geneva, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, United Nations Environment Programme

Service Provider Description
DEWA Europe/GRID-Geneva is part of UNEP's global network of
environmental information centres, known as the Global Resource
Information Database (GRID). GRID Geneva and Nairobi were the first
centres to be launched in mid-1985. GRID aims to provide and
facilitate access to environmental data and information for
decision-making and policy setting, and to underpin UNEP's review of
the state of the world's environment and provide early warning on
emerging environmental threats.

Since its foundation, the Geneva office received considerable support
from Swiss and local authorities. This supporting was significantly
reinforced, and GRID-Geneva's institutional base broadened, with the
signing of a "Partnership Agreement" between UNEP, the Swiss Federal
Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL) and the
University of Geneva in June 1998. Over the years, the European Union
and many governments such as Denmark, France, Finland, the
Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA have provided personnel and
technical support. Commercial products and services have also been
provided to GRID-Geneva by the ESRI Corporation, DEC, ERDAS, IBM and
PCI, among others.


[Summary provided by UNEP.]
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