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NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center

Service Provider Description The NSIDC Distributed Active
Archive Center (DAAC) at the National Snow and Ice Data Center
(NSIDC), provides data and information on snow and ice processes,
especially interactions among snow, ice, atmosphere and ocean, in
support of research in global change detection and model validation,
and provides general data and information services to the cryospheric
and polar processes research community. Passive microwave, and
high-level products from in situ data, are emphasized: land surface
properties (snow and ice cover, permafrost), ocean variables (sea ice
type, extent and concentration), related atmospheric variables
(temperature, precipitation), and paleoclimates (glacier and ice sheet

NSIDC DAAC Data Availability
Snow and ice data products from the NASA Earth Observing System (EOS)
program including data from MODIS, AMSR, and GLAS. Passive
microwave-derived products from DMSP SSM/I, Nimbus-7 SMMR, Nimbus-5
ESMR include gridded brightness temperatures, daily and monthly sea
ice concentrations, ice extent and ice type information, and
Pathfinder SSM/I non-averaged grids and level 3 derived products; for
both polar regions. Most products are available on CD-ROM. Altimeter
products (Seasat and GEOSAT) from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
distributed by NSIDC DAAC as gridded elevation data, ice data records,
and waveform data for limited study areas on the ice sheets of
Greenland and Antarctica. In the future, these data will be available
on CD-ROM. AVHRR LAC and HRPT scenes (1.1 km resolution at nadir,
unprocessed raw data) for both polar regions via ftp. Pending
approval of algorithms by the science community, NSIDC DAAC will
generate polar maps of geophysical parameters such as ice surface
temperatures, albedo, and sea ice motion vectors.

Accessing NSIDC DAAC Data
Data are available from NSIDC DAAC and NSIDC on a variety of media
dependent on data set. Media types supported include CD-ROM, ftp,
floppy diskette, 9-track, 4mm, and 8mm tape.
For further information contact:
NSIDC User Services
National Snow and Ice Data Center
Campus Box 449
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0449 USA
Voice: 303-492-6199
Fax: 303-492-2468
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