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Instrument: QUICKBIRD/BHRC-60 : Quickbird Ball High Resolution Camera 60
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On board the Quickbrid is the BGIS 2000 (Ball Global Imaging System 2000), of which the camera instrument is called BHRC 60 (Ball High Resolution Camera 60). BHRC 60 consists of the following elements: Optical subsystem, FPU (Focal Plane Unit) and the DPU (Digital Processing Unit), with FPU and DPU designed and custom-built by Kodak (same, except for size, as that used on IKONOS). BHRC 60 has a design life of > 5 years, achieved with a redundant architecture. Instrument mass = 380 kg, instrument power = 250 W silicon and 430 W for GaAs (orbital average).

? The optical subsystem, mounted on an optical bench (with sunshield and internal baffling to suppress stray light), is of Ball design (telescope aperture of 60 cm diameter, lightweight structure, focal length of 8.8 m, f/14.7, the telescope mass is 138 kg, telescope size: 115 cm x 141 cm x 195 cm), providing a FOV (Field of View) of 2.12, obtained with an unobscured off-axis three-mirror-anastigmatic (TMA) optical form. A fourth mirror is used to fold the light bundle for compact telescope packaging. The enlarged FOV of the BHRC 60 instrument offers a ground swath of 15 km at 400 km orbital altitude or 34 km at 900 km altitude with a GSD varying between 0.5-1.5 m, respectively.

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