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Southern Great Plains 1997 Hydrology Experiment

Project Description
The Southern Great Plains 1997 (SGP97) Hydrology Experiment took
place in the subhumid environment in Oklahoma over a one-month
period of June 18 - July 17, 1997. The objectives are:

1. To examine the estimation of surface soil moisture
and temperature using remote sensing at a hierarchy of

2. To examine the feasibility of estimating vertical
profiles of soil moisture and temperature by combining in
situ data, remote sensing measurements at the surface,
and modeling techniques

3. To evaluate the influence of soil moisture on the local
surface energy budget and the influence of mesoscale
variability in the surface energy budget on the
development of convective boundary layer

The SGP97 Hydrology Experiment as it has developed is a
collaboration by a team of interested scientists largely based on
existing sponsored scientific investigations and research projects.
Cooperation and contributions by many have resulted in a
comprehensive opportunity for multidisciplinary research. Version 1 of
the SGP97 data, available for general research use, is expected in
September 1998.

SGP97 Project Homepage:

[Summary Adapted from the GSFC/DAAC Homepage]
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