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Project Description
FLUXNET is a global network of micrometeorological tower sites that use eddy covariance methods to measure the exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and energy between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. More that 500 tower sites from about 30 regional networks across five continents are currently operating on a long-term basis.

The overarching goal of FLUXNET is to provide information for validating remote sensing products for net primary productivity (npp), evaporation, and energy absorption.
FLUXNET provides information to FLUXNET investigators and to the public. The primary functions of FLUXNET are:

* Provide infrastructure for compiling, archiving, and distributing carbon, water, and energy flux measurement; meteorological, plant, and soil data to the science community.
* Support calibration and flux inter-comparison activities, to ensure that data from the regional networks is inter-comparable.
* Support the synthesis, discussion, and communications of ideas and data by supporting project scientists, workshops, and visiting scientists.

[Summary provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.]
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