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Gridded Population of the World

Project Description
Demographic information is usually provided on a national basis. But
we know that countries are ephemeral phenomena. As an alternate scheme
one might use ecological zones rather than nation states. But there is
no agreement as to what these zones should be. By way of contrast
global environmental studies using satellites as collection devices
yield results indexed by latitude and longitude. Thus it makes sense
to assemble the terrestrial arrangement of people in a compatible
manner. This alternative is explored here, using latitude/longitude
quadrilaterals as bins for population information. This data format
also has considerable advantage for analytical studies.

Dataset Variables

There are four files in this dataset. Each file contains one
variable. The variables are:

1. population counts (i.e., the number of people in each 5' x 5'
cell), unsmoothed with the file name gpxxx or countrawxxx

2. population density (i.e., people per square kilometer), unsmoothed
with the file name gppdxxx or densrawxxx

3. global population (counts, smoothed)
with the file name gppycxxx or countsmooxxx

4. global population (population density, smoothed)
with the file name gppycpdxxx or denssmooxxx

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