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Australian Antarctic Data Centre, Australia

Service Provider Description
The Australian Antarctic Data Centre (AADC) was established in
1995 as a repository for scientific data resulting from the
Australian Antarctic Science Program. Data resulting from the
science program is the property of the Australian
Government. However, in the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty's
Article 3.1.c, the Australian Government has made these data
publicly available after two years from the date of
collection. All data within the AADC is discoverable and
described through our metadata system.

The AADC is also responsible for the Australian Antarctic
Mapping Program. The AADC mandate is to provide infrastructure
or base mapping, for example, coastlines, lakes and
contours. Applications layers such as geomorphology are the
responsibility of others. Integrating such application layers
into mapping information is however an AADC responsibility. The
AADC accepts requests for mapping primarily from the science
community and establishes field and Kingston-based programs to
produce digital products that are publicly available through our
metadata system.

The AADC has developed and manages an Antarctic state of the
environment reporting system, called SIMR. This system is based
on environmental indicators, and a standard template for
reporting. Dozens of indicator custodians across a number of
Australian agencies are responsible for data entry and indicator
evaluation. In the process of addressing the three
roles/mandates, the AADC also produces a number of other
products that we hope could be useful to a broad international


[Summary provided by the Australian Antarctic Division]
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