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Instrument: MSBS : Multibeam Swath Bathymetry System
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The Kongsberg Simrad EM-3000 Multibeam system is a
high-resolution echo sounder which measures depth accurately to
within several centimeters when post-processed. It not only
measures the depth below the vessel but also out to the left and
right of the vessel at a range of ~2-4 times the water
depth. The location and vertical elevation of the vessel are
tracked by the integration of three global positioning systems
working together with the echosounder. The multibeam bathymetry
is relayed to a Sun Ultra 5 workstation, where it is stored,
processed, and presented on screen. Finally, the post-processed
image is printed at high resolution with each dot/pixel of color
representing ~ 0.3 - 0.6 square meters (~1- 2 square feet).

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