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Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic

Project Description
This SCAR programme Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic (EBA) seeks to:
1. Understand the evolution and diversity of life in the Antarctic;
2. Determine how these have influenced the properties and dynamics of present
Antarctic ecosystems and the Southern Ocean system;
3. Make predictions on how organisms and communities are responding and will
respond to current and future environmental change; and
4. Identify EBA science outcomes that are relevant to conservation policy and
to communicate this science to the SCAR Antarctic Treat System via the SCAR
Antarctic Treaty Secretariat.

EBA is structured in five research strands or work packages, each representing
marine and terrestrial/freshwater ecosystems:

Work Package 1: Evolutionary history of Antarctic organisms
Work Package 2: Evolutionary adaptation to the Antarctic environment
Work Package 3: Patterns of gene flow within, into and out of the Antarctic,
and consequences for population dynamics: isolation as a driving force
Work Package 4: Patterns and diversity of organisms, ecosystems and habitats in
the Antarctic, and controlling processes
Work Package 5: Impact of past, current and predicted future environmental
change on biodiversity and ecosystem function.

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