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Antarctic Drilling Program

Project Description
ANDRILL (ANtarctic DRILLing)Program is an international consortium to obtain
stratigraphic records from fast-ice, ice shelf and land-based platforms in
Antarctica with the goal of further advancing our understanding of the
geological and climatic history of Antarctica. A workshop was held in 2001 at
Oxford University to develop the science plan for ANDRILL. The results of this
workshop, an introduction to ANDRILL science and structure, and the scientists
who have expressed an interest in ANDRILL are published in a workshop volume
that is available at and
available from the ANDRILL Science Management Office as ANDRILL Contribution 1.
The Workshop report presents the science objectives of ANDRILL, reviews sites
proposed as targets, introduces key scientific questions and presents an
introduction of key fields in geosciences that ANDRILL will address. Statements
of interest from the group of international scientists who attended the
workshop, as well as others who expressed interest are included. Proceedings of
the working groups are also included. This contribution is intended to be a
reference resource for scientists with no prior Antarctic experience who desire
to become involved as a scientist in ANDRILL. Additional information about
ANDRILL and updates are available at
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