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Adding to the GoMODP Portal


Partners should register their data sets in accord with the Technical Committee guidance document. Each partner should register their own metadata. For assistance in constructing and registering metadata, Lou Van Guelpen (GoMODP) and GCMD can be contacted. For additional information about the Partnership, please contact NERACOOS at

Partners are encouraged to construct metadata in DIF or FGDC format. NASA's Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Directory Interchange Format (DIF) Writer's Guide can be accessed here . A graphical representation of the FGDC metadata standard can be found here.

Portals such as GCMD and GeoConnections are preferred, as any metadata registered on either of these sites will be harvested by the other site. Partners are encouraged to register their metadata with the GoMODP Discovery Portal, hosted by the GCMD. This portal is recommended due to ease in creating, registering, and discovering metadata. Partners with existing FGDC metadata should notify GCMD to include their records in the GCMD portal for the Partnership. FGDC records can be sent as an email attachment and converted to DIF.
Partners already registered with Geospatial One Stop are requested to contact the GCMD to harvest their metadata records. Partners are encouraged to enter the following as keywords "Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership" and "GoMODP". "Gulf of Maine" should be used as a place/location keyword where applicable.

Authoring Tools:
Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) DocBUILDER on-line tool for
writing DIF metadata
. To create data service descriptions, and supplemental metadata
descriptions for projects, instrument, platform and data center see

FGDC Metadata Tools
-Metatdata Pre Parser (cns) - A pre-parser for formal metadata.
-Metadata Parser (mp) - A compiler for formal metadata.
-TKME - A Windows platform metadata entry tool.
-XTME - UNIX platform metadata entry tool.
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