IDN Website Redesign

The NASA GCMD staff is pleased to announce the release of the IDN website redesign.

IDN Website redesign includes the following updates:

  1. resources now accessible via top menu navigation and footer,
  2. IDN Search interface calls NASA's Common Metadata Repository (CMR) directly and permits users to search all records,
  3. Direct access to CEOS Members (ESA, JAXA, NASA, and NOAA) individual data sets,
  4. “What’s New” section to highlight IDN community announcements,
  5. Consistently applied tool tips and menu links to provide a more user-friendly experience for new and returning users, and
  6. CEOS Missions, Instruments and Measurements (MIM) keyword page layout to better facilitates keyword searches.

Contact Us

Questions and comments about the IDN website can be sent to the GCMD User Support staff . Questions can also be directed to Stephen Berrick.